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Banapur, India, Asia
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3 to 5 Years
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Full time
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09 Nov, 2017

Banapur Jobs - Ekta Parishad Trust - Multiple Positions

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About the company

Name: Ekta Parishad Trust
Details: A non-governmental organization established in 2004, Engaged in the area of Advocacy and Research, Children, Dalit Welfare, Education & Literacy, Environment and natural resource management, Health & Nutrition, Human Rights, Land Resources, Legal

About this job

Job Description: As per position
  • Project Coordinator: Managing overall project organisation related Activities and Programs, Reporting and documentation all programs and activities reports, coordinate project team field and office, conduct planing, monitoring and evaluation
    Qualification and Experience: MSW, 3 years experience in any development and Rights based NGO in Odisha, Fluency in English, hindi, Oriya, Reporting documentation, translation in local language
  • Field Coordinator: Organize and arrange project and field related programs and activities, Reporting and documentation of all field level activities as per required responsible for report and help to the Project coordinator
    Qualification and Experience: BSW/MSW, 3years Experience Fluency in Hindi, English and Oriya. Reporting and documentation skill. issue based community mobilization skills
  • GP level Worker: Conduct village and Gram Panchayat level daily work, activities,community mobilization, organised meeting and event, daily reporting of work, activities, responsible for village level all activities
    Qualification and Experience: BSW or similar academic qualification, community mobilization skill and experience, daily reporting and documentation
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    Job keywords/tags:  Banapur Job , odisha , ngo , social sector , msw , Project Coordinator , field ,
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